Hi Everyone,

I celebrated New Year by time-travelling back to the 1970s and living in an ‘alternative lifestyle’ commune. Well, that’s what it felt like anyway with the daily meditation, vegetarian food and shared housework duties. Yeah, a real 70s style commune, but without the sex and drugs. Although considering there were no phones, TVs, or computers, it was probably more like living in the 1920s.

I was out there for a week just walking around in the bush, reading, meditating, and hanging out with a really good group of people. It was so relaxing. And with not a whole lot to do out there, I managed to complete most of the lyrics for the new Lighthouse XIII album. Here are the song titles:

  1. Black Phoenix
  2. Death Bed Regrets
  3. The Price of Dominion
  4. I For an Eye
  5. Haunted
  6. High and Mighty
  7. Extinction.Net
  8. Moonlight Tiger
  9. Quitter
  10. The Maelstrom Ascendant
  11. The Ephemeral and the Eternal


This album is the follow up to Vortex Winder, and will come with the next book in the series. I’m 9 chapters into writing the book and at this stage it is called ‘The Maelstrom Ascendant.’

I hope to have both book and album out before the end of this year, and both are coming along well. I’m also aiming to finally put out the follow up book to ‘Hammer and Heat,’ i.e. a group of short stories, so it’s shaping up as a massive year!

Let’s hope it all goes to plan and even better as well. Here’s to 2013.

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