The Maelstrom Ascendant – Chapter 1 Sample

It felt so good to be a quitter.

There I was, having given up on my dreams and resigned myself to a quiet life. My guitars were in storage and the Vortex Winder lay dormant, as it had for the last three years.

Even Sandra was back on the scene, having forgiven me my madness of the years before. We’d left the glamour of Sydney’s east to live in the unwild western suburbs. After all, that’s what she wanted. It was in fact west of the west – in the Blue Mountains out past the city limits. I retired from music, got a real job and settled into a quiet domestic life.

Sandra? The Vortex Winder? Forgive me. I must remember that many readers have no knowledge of my past adventures.

And whose fault is that? Yes, this book is a sequel. Goddammit – if a few more of you guys had read the first one, we wouldn’t be having this difficult conversation! As it is, not only am I forced to give a summary of that book, it has to come without spoilers. Otherwise none of you will ever go back and read it at all now, will you?

So here’s the deal. I’ll give you a spoiler-free summary of the first book. In return you will agree to suspend your disbelief about the strangeness of the events described. There’s no denying the story was rather bizarre. That’s just the way it is. It will soon be obvious that we’re ‘not in Kansas anymore,’ just somewhere that looks very like it on the surface.

It all began one night when…

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