The Vortex Winder Samples

Some moments are life changing, yet random. For example, a friend of mine met her future husband for no better reason than that he dialed a wrong number and she answered the phone. Now, why would that happen?  Whether it is all fate, luck, or a ricochet in God’s  random plan, who knows?  Yet when it comes to life changing moments, the last place I expected one was in the Excelsior hotel toilets at a heavy metal concert.  Who would ever guess that an act of compassion for a drowning cockroach could lead so far?

Now stop right there. Don’t make that face, turning your nose up like that. Yes, I too wish this story had a more glamorous beginning. If only  it had begun at a Frank Sinatra concert at one of those Paris restaurants you have to book a year in advance, it would have been much more convenient for me.  But it didn’t, and I’m obliged to present the facts as they happened.

The show was on at the Excelsior hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney. The band ‘Nevermore’ was playing that night and I, a recent convert to their sonic assault, was warming up with a couple of  drinks.  My rigorous preparation for the show had already begun on the bus on the way in. I’d sipped discreetly without attracting the interest of the bored, balding bus driver whose life had slumped  to the depths of working on Saturday night. How could he do it? Personally, I can’t stand working when other people are enjoying themselves around me. Like that time picking up glasses in that nightclub a few years ago. Never again.



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