Message from Duncan Smith

I am an Australian author and musician.  I’ve created three ‘music novels’ – books with their own soundtrack album. When I wrote a book called The Vortex Winder, my rock band made an album of the same name. All the songs fit into the story.

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This was followed by The Maelstrom Ascendant, then Cultown. Each book has its own album. Sample chapters and songs are on this website.

Spark – A Free Ebook for You

All visitors to my site receive a free ebook called Spark. It contains extracts from my four novels, and from my non-fiction and short story books. This will give you the chance to sample my work for free. If you want it in kindle form, it is on Amazon here https://amz.run/4Xy9. It is also available as a PDF for download right here.

Recent Books

My last three books have taken a political turn, especially Conquest By Concept, a novel about the ‘culture war.’ We are living through turbulent times. While that’s bad for society it’s good for a novelist, as conflict is the key to drama. Some may find these books controversial, but it is the artist’s job to question social norms. If your work doesn’t offend anyone, it’s probably not worth publishing!

However, one of the most disturbing recent trends is the rise of censorship. Part of this is ‘cancel culture’ – which is the puritanical impulse to destroy any artist or public figure thought to have the wrong opinions.

In my view, censorship of free speech has no place anywhere near art, education, or intellectual work. We need to be open-minded and allow a diverse range of opinions. We may not agree with someone’s views, but we should respect their right to express them.

My other recent books are The Tightarse Tuesday Book Club, a collection of shorter fiction, and The Vast and the Spurious, a look at the gender war, which tries to analyse why there is more distrust and antagonism between men and women than ever before.

My first published book was called Hammer and Heat, but that is out of print and only available through my website. The other six are all on Amazon.

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