The Tightarse Tuesday Book Club

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The Tightarse Tuesday Book Club is a collection of shorter fiction.  Some are humorous. ‘Hookup Hell’ is a comical romance in the age of Tinder, and ‘The Golden Rainbow of Love’ is about three feuding sisters.

Others are more serious.  ‘Eleven’ is a haunting tale of obsession, and the novella ‘Marla Okadigbo’ is a dark satire of race relations in America today.

Titles include:

  1. Marla Okadigbo
  2. The Golden Rainbow of Love
  3. Ghost Squad
  4. Eleven
  5. Indian Summer
  6. Hookup Hell
  7. Badminton Boy
  8. The Tightarse Tuesday Book Club
  9. Toileport
  10. Dr Why and the Attack of the SJWs


Duncan Smith is, for me, one of Australia’s best and most original writers. Smith never pulls back from ideas and issues, and will explore them regardless of what people may think. This, his second book of short stories, is a good addition to his recent novels. There is a range of material here from absurdist fantasy to social commentary. Highly recommended!

  1. R.D. Byers.

The Tightarse Tuesday Book Club is on Amazon

Some stories from this book appear in Spark, a free ebook with selections from all Duncan Smith’s books.

The Tightarse Tuesday Book Club