I teach guitar and bass in Sydney. With 20 years experience, I teach all styles of music, beginners to advanced. For a full description, go to my music teaching website: Duncan Smith Guitar and Bass

tutoring for school students


I offer tuition in English and Music. I help high school students achieve higher marks, better ATARs to get into uni, and more enjoyment of studying. I show students how to plan and structure an essay, and express themselves clearly. I also help primary school students with reading and writing.

I have a BA (First Class Honours) from UNSW, four published books, 8th Grade Classical Guitar and Theory, and many years experience as a private teacher.

I’m also in the final stages of completing my GDTL (Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning) from USQ.

tuition success, guitar and music, English and writing


I can help you edit your novel, story, university essay, or even a job application. I offer help with structural editing, as well as the finer points of grammar, style, and clear expression.

Contact me about what sort of editing you require, send a sample of your writing, and I will specify what will most improve your work.

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